Data Protection Policy for the ParkNow Website

The protection of your personal data and your private life is of very great importance to ParkNow. With this Data Protection Policy, we are informing you of what personal data we record during your visit to our websites, how this data is used and what configuration options you have. You can find out what personal data we collect and use in providing our ParkNow services, such as the ParkNow app, or when you register on the website, in the Data Protection Policy for the ParkNow Services.

1. What technical information is collected during my visit to the ParkNow websites?

When you visit our websites, our web-servers temporarily record technical information, such as the domain name or the IP address of your device, the client’s file query (file name and URL), the http response code and the Internet website from which you are visiting us. In addition, the individual code number of your device (Unique Device Identifier) and the instrument settings, such as screen resolution, are recorded when you access our websites with a mobile device. This information is deleted after your visit.

2. What are cookies and why does ParkNow use cookies?

The ParkNow website uses so-called “cookies” to provide you with optimized and individualized service. A cookie is a small text file, which is stored locally on your PC, tablet or cell phone. Cookies enable us to make the interaction between the users and the website quicker and simpler.

3. What types of cookies and social plugins are used by ParkNow?

We use the following cookies and social plugins on our websites:
3.1. Functional cookies
We use functional cookies to enable our websites to be displayed and used. The majority of the functional cookies used on our websites are so-called session cookies, which are only stored for the duration of your visit to our websites. Session cookies make it possible to link the various activities engaged in by a user during a browser session. For example, they are used to store your display menu selection for the duration of your visit. In addition, we use so-called persistent cookies, which remain on the user’s device after the end of a browser session and enable us to consider your preferences and settings during future visits to our websites so that you do not have to re-enter your preferred settings every time you visit our websites.
3.2. Social plugins
We use social plugins to the Facebook and Twitter social networks. With this function, you can share individual content with friends in these social networks or recommend content on our websites to your friends. The Facebook plugin can be recognized by the Facebook logo (white “f” on blue tile or a “thumbs up” sign) or is labeled “Facebook social plugin.” Twitter plugins can be recognized by the Twitter logo (a white bird on a blue background) or the label “Twitter social plugin.”
To give you control over your data, we have only included the plugins in our website in “deactivated” form. This means that no data will be transferred to Facebook or Twitter if you merely visit our pages without clicking on the plugins. You can see this since the plugins are generally displayed as “gray” (i.e. deactivated).
No data is transmitted to Facebook or Twitter until you click on a plugin and consciously “activate” it. Only in this case is the plugin loaded by Twitter and Facebook so that a direct connection is created between your browser and the Facebook or Twitter server. Facebook and Twitter are thereby informed that you (with your IP address) have visited our website and can collect information regarding your use of our websites. If you activate the Facebook or Twitter plugin while you are logged into your Facebook or Twitter account, Twitter and Facebook can associate your visit to our websites with your user account. (If you do not want this, please log out of your Facebook or Twitter account first).
Please note that the data collected in connection with the social plugins is only exchanged between your device and the relevant social network operator. We are not aware of what information is collected and exchanged. You can find information about this in the current privacy notices on Facebook and Twitter.
You can find the Privacy Policy of Facebook Ireland Limited, Hanover Reach, 5-7 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2 Ireland at
You can find the Privacy Policy of Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107 at
3.3. Google Analytics
We also use Google Analytics on our websites. This is a web analysis service offered by Google Inc., which can generate detailed statistics regarding the traffic on a website and the traffic sources. We only use Google Analytics for statistical purposes, e.g. to track how many users have clicked on a certain piece of information regarding a ParkNow service. Google Analytics is based on cookie technology and records information regarding your use of our websites, including your IP address. To make sure that you are not identified by your IP address, we have implemented a special code, which ensures that your IP address is only recorded in abbreviated – and thus anonymized – form. Generally, it is not possible to identify individual users by this shortened IP address. The information recorded by Google Analytics is forwarded to Google Inc., which is headquartered in the United States of America. If you object to this, you can prevent the recording and the forwarding of data to Google Inc. by downloading and installing the browser plugin available at the following link:

4. How can I deactivate cookies?

You can utilize the following alternatives, among others, to deactivate cookies and social plugins:

4.1. Using a browser setting to deactivate cookies

Most browsers are preset to accept cookies. You can use the settings on your terminal, e.g. your browser settings, to deactivate cookies. Important notice: The deactivation of cookies only affects the device and the browser on which you execute this action. If you use multiple devices or browsers, you must repeat this action for every device or browser. You can find additional information on deactivating cookies under the following links:
Internet Explorer
4.2. Deactivation via the Your Online Choices Portal
You can deactivate social plugins for many social networks and many additional cookies from web-tracking and online advertisement providers at the portal of Deutscher Datenschutzrat Online-Werbung (DDOW):

5. How is my data protected?

We have implemented extensive technical and organizational measures to ensure that your personal data is fully protected at all times.

6. Can I object to the use of my personal data for advertising purposes?

If you have consented to the use of your personal data for advertising purposes, you can revoke your consent at any time. In addition, you can contact us at any time and object to the use or your personal data for advertising purposes. You can find our contact information at the end of this Data Protection Policy and in the legal notice.

7. Can I obtain information regarding the data stored by ParkNow?

Upon request, we will, without charge, provide you with information on what data regarding your person is stored by ParkNow and correct inaccurate data or delete your data if we no longer need it to provide our services and are not otherwise required to store your data.

8. Who can I contact if I have questions regarding data protection by ParkNow?

You can address your questions to ParkNow GmbH, Leopoldstraße 182, 80804 München, Germany or by phone 0800 6 545454 or mail at any time.

9. Updates to this guideline

This Data Protection Policy is regularly reviewed and updated. You can find information on this page regarding the latest changes at any time.
As of: Munich, 13th January 2016