Parking in Cologne City Centre

Make your travel to the City easier: parking struggles in Cologne City Centre are a thing of the past!

Looking to park your car in the centre of Cologne but quickly becoming become frustrated due to a lack of small change? Don’t put yourself through this! Now you can park with your smartphone. ParkNow’s parking app is user-friendly, and it allows you to find parking anywhere in the Cologne city centre with a lot less hassle. Download the app, register for free, and never again struggle through an unsuccessful search for small change to pay the ticket machine. On our overview map you’ll see all available parking spaces listed. When you arrive at the car park, just press “start”, and the meter starts running. At the end of your parking time, just press “stop;” you pay by the minute to avoid overcharges. No need to check every few hours with the app. Paranoia about getting a parking fine is gone! You won’t need to queue at the parking ticket machines anymore either, which will save you precious minutes each time you park. Do what makes sense, and use PARK NOW to rid yourself of the endless stress parking in the Cologne city centre creates.

Mobile parking in Cologne – Your smartphone is now your parking meter!

Parking in the city centre of beautiful Cologne can be a task – try PARK NOW! It would be a shame to miss out just because you have no small change! Easy parking in Cologne can take you to new heights – literally! If this is your first trip to the amazing city, a visit to the Cologne Cathedral should be first on the list. This architectural masterpiece is the second tallest church building in Europe, measuring an unbelievable 157 meters. When you arrive at the top, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama of the entire metropolis. Looking for a bit of a rest after that? ‘Do as the Colognians do’ and relax by the beautiful meadows by the Rhine, or order a refreshing drink in one of the adorable nearby cafes – which you can do without finding new a parking space in the Cologne city centre! You can then continue your exploration by visiting one of the many museums. Next to the cathedral, you can travel through time with the breathtaking exhibits in the Roman-Germanic Museum. No matter which activity you choose, there’s no need to stress over parking! Parking in the Cologne city centre has now been redefined: less stress, more sightseeing, more memories!

What’s new: Changes to the app’s look & feel

14 April 2021
We’ve made a number of feature improvements in the app. From more visually-appealing maps to easier vehicle management, these updates ensure your in-app experience is as user-friendly as possible. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming months! What’s changed for users? Larger map interface for simpler searching To help you explore the map more easily when searching for a parking spot, we’ve expanded the map…
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Finding a parking spot is now also super easy in Cologne, Frankfurt and Hamburg

20 October 2020
Our feature Find & Park helps put an end to endlessly driving around in circles, looking for a parking spot. After a successful roll-out in Berlin earlier this year, we’re expanding coverage to Cologne, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main. We all know the struggle. The endless search for a parking spot. Driving around in circles,…
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Bye, bye Parking Stress! Finding a parking spot has never been easier with Find & Park

13 August 2020
Endlessly driving around in circles looking for a parking spot? Look no further! With our new feature Find & Park, we can help you to park faster and stress-free. We all know the struggle. The endless search for an available parking spot. Driving around in circles, street after street, stress levels rising. With Find &…
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