Parking in the centre of Mönchengladbach

Parking in the centre of Mönchengladbach by PARK NOW app

With the innovative app PARK NOW parking in the centre of Mönchengladbach is a breeze. The app shows you all parking facilities in the area, just choose your location or price for your optimal parking space. In the centre of Mönchengladbach you can park comfortably on the roadside with ease. Just use the start and stop function in the app to record your parking time to the minute so that there are no extra charges. Billing takes place at the end of the month by direct debit, Paypal or credit card. With PARK NOW, you no longer have to pay for tickets, you don’t have to queue at the ticket machine, you don’t need to change your money and you don’t have to return to the car every few hours to extend your parking time. PARK NOW is how parking becomes what it should be: a stress-free operation, so you can concentrate on what you want to do in Mönchengladbach – be it a shopping or sightseeing tour, a visit to the stadium or the cinema. Experience stress-free parking in the centre of Mönchengladbach and download the practical app from PARK NOW for free.


Discover cashless, ticketless and stress-free parking in Mönchengladbach

In Mönchengladbach park with PARK NOW on the roadside. On our overview map you can see all parking possibilities. Just place a parking sticker visibly behind the windshield of your car, then press “Start” and voila, parking begins. Now you can dive into the pleasures of the town! Around the Old Market Square in the city centre you will find many charming sights such as the beautiful cathedral, which was almost completely destroyed during a bombing raid in the Second World War, but since the 1950s restoration shines in new splendor. Also pay a visit to the Abteiberg municipal museum where you can admire works of art of the 20th and 21st centuries. It is a prominent example of modern architecture and was voted the 2016 Museum of the Year. Sports enthusiasts will certainly be drawn to the stadium in Borussia Park. Take a look behind the scenes on a 90-minute guided tour. They discover parts of the stadium that no fan will ever see. No matter which activity you choose: Enjoy the day to the fullest, because with PARK NOW you can find parking in the centre of Mönchengladbach without stress and stay as long as you want!

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