Parking in Wiesbaden

Discover cashless, ticketless and hassle-free on-street parking with PARK NOW in Wiesbaden. The mobile parking app PARK NOW can be used in the extended inner city of Wiesbaden and also at the parking area “Leibnitzstraße”. A detailed overview of all parking zones can be obtained from our overview map. In the marked parking zones you can start and end your parking via app, text or phone and save yourself the time spent finding the parking meter.


 Explore Wiesbaden

  • The The Schloßplatz (“palace square”) is located in the center of the city and is definitely worth exploring
  • The first church of the catholic community after the reformation, the St. Bonifatius should definitely be on the agenda
  • Experience a piece of history by visiting the Kurhaus, which was built in the early 1900’s as a spa for Kaiser Wilhelm the second
  • Stop by the Luisenplatz, which is a popular city square where a lot of Neoclassicist buildings can be found
When parking on the street in Wiesbaden it is necessary to place a parking sticker behind the windshield of the vehicle.
More information can be found here. Order a parking sticker or download the parking sticker free of charge.

Not yet a customer?

The PARK NOW mobile parking app is available as an Android or iOS version for free download. Free registration allows you to choose between different tariff models.
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No more unnecessary parking fees thanks to minute-accurate billing and a start / stop function. The billing occures conveniently at the end of the month via direct debit, PayPal or credit card.


The advantages of mobile parking with the PARK NOW application in Wiesbaden:

  • Parking tickets are a thing of the past
  • Easy to use mobile interface
  • Free downloadable App
  • No more searching for small change and ticketing problems
  • Accurate billing
  • Comfortable payment at the end of the month
  • Parking in Wiesbaden was never that easy


PARK NOW service packages

If you would like to know about the different rates that PARK NOW offers, please visit our PARK NOW tariffs page here. 


Where can I park besides Wiesbaden?­

If you want to park comfortably in other cities besides Wiesbaden, you will find an overview of all PARK NOW locations here.


Enjoy the mobile parking app PARK NOW in Wiesbaden!

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