Parking in Cologne

Discover cashless, ticketless and hassle-free parking with PARK NOW.

Visit the city of Cologne for a journey full of culture and history. The city offers impressive Romanesque buildings and numerous museums that take you back in time. Enough history? Take a stroll through one of the new and lively neighborhoods full of pubs and beer gardens. Fun fact: Cologne has the most pubs per inhabitant compared to any other German city.

Enjoy contactless parking with PARK NOW in Cologne – as long as you want. Download the free app now and park right away.



How does it work?

Our app has a simple start & stop functionality on street, so you don’t have to worry about the duration of your pay and display ticket. Thanks to paying by the minute, overpaying the fees to avoid a fine is not necessary anymore. Payment is done conveniently cashless at the end of the month. Thus, spares you the search for the right change.

Note: When parking on the street in Cologne it is necessary to place a parking sticker behind the windshield of the vehicle. More information you can find here. Order a parking sticker or download one for free.

Which car parks are available?

You can find many car parks in Cologne, which differ in location and price. It is therefore advisable to check in advance which one is most suitable for you. You can use our service in 3 locations in Cologne, where you can enter and exit cash free:

  • Maastrichter Straße
  • AnFarina
  • Brückenstraße

How does PARK NOW function off-street?

Click on the car park icons or marked areas in the map for more information.
In which other cities can I use PARK NOW?

Find & Park

Find a parking space easily in Cologne. You can now use Find & Park in Cologne for free and drive directly to empty parking spots. Thus, saving you time and unnecessary trips around the block. The feature shows you in which streets you are likely to find a parking space. Find & Park works in Cologne not only in the paid parking zones, but in the entire inner city area. You can find more information about Find & Park here.

What does parking cost in Cologne?

Parking fees in Cologne vary between the different parking zones. Fees can also vary between times of day, days of the week and the length of parking. Generally, parking in the city center costs € 4 an hour and in all other areas € 2 an hour. In our app you can easily have the parking fees of the desired zone displayed in advance and thus find the cheapest parking space.

Parking at the central station

Parking near the central station? With PARK NOW you can easily park on the side of the road for € 4 an hour.

Parking at the airport

We are working on offering our PARK NOW service at the Cologne-Bonn Airport. Until then, park and fly hassle free by using the airports own parking facilities. Visit the airport website for detailed parking information.


Have fun with PARK NOW in Cologne!


Any questions? Visit our FAQ’s.

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