Parking in Berlin

Discover cashless, ticketless and hassle-free on-street parking with PARK NOW in Berlin.

The digital parking service PARK NOW can now be used in the extended inner city area of Berlin.  A detailed overview of all parking zones and car parks can be obtained from our overview map. In the marked parking zones, you can start and end your parking via the app and save yourself the annoying way to the parking meter as well as the search for change.

PARK NOW digital park service can be used in several car parks alongside on-street parking. The app provides you with information about the available PARK NOW parking garages and the respective tariff information. In these garages, the parking action is started conveniently at the entrance, and as soon as you leave the car park the session is terminated. The annoying detour to the cash machine as well as searching for small change is no longer necessary. For more information on parking with PARK NOW in parking garages, click here.

The billing occurs conveniently at the end of the month via direct debit, PayPal or credit card.

The advantages of mobile parking with PARK NOW in Berlin:

  • Parking tickets are a thing of the past
  • No more searching for small change and ticketing problems
  • Accurate billing
  • Ticketless entry and exit in all PARK NOW garages
  • Comfortable payment at the end of the month
  • Parking in Berlin was never that easy

Not yet a customer?

The PARK NOW app is available as an Android or iOS version for free download. Free registration allows you to choose between different tariff models.
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When parking on the street in Berlin it is necessary to place a parking sticker behind the windshield of the vehicle.
More information can be found here. Order a parking sticker or download the parking sticker free of charge.

 Explore Berlin.

  • Simply park at the Gendarmenmarkt and start exploring the capital with PARK NOW.
  • The Brandenburger Tor at the Pariser Platz and the Reichstag should definitely be on the agenda.
  • Experience a piece of GDR history by visiting Checkpoint Charlie on Friederichsstrasse.
  • Stop by the East Side Gallery to see the remains of the wall and admire 106 sculptures.
  • Park with PARK NOW in the Warschauer Straße and stroll along the wall.
  • End your day with a romantic river cruise on the Spree in the evening.

Which PARK NOW tariff fits me?

1.Gold package: is particularly suitable for multi-parkers, as all transactions are covered by a monthly basic fee.

2.Silver package: offers the possibility to calculate each parking operation as a single transaction. There is no monthly basic fee.

A change between the two packages is possible at any time. If you would like to know more about the different rates, please visit our PARK NOW tariffs page here. 

Where can I park besides Berlin?­

If you want to park comfortably in other cities besides Berlin, you will find an overview of all PARK NOW locations here.

Download the free app now!

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Have fun with PARK NOW in Berlin!

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