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Park quick and effortless using the PARK NOW app.

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Find parking

1. Before you leave

Make sure you have a sticker and garage card before you leave. In some cities, you can use our Find & Park feature. It shows you in which streets you are more likely to find a parking spot. No stress!

start parking

2. Start parking

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, hit the start button to park or enter a garage using your garage card. In some garages, the barrier opens automatically using license plate recognition. Easy!

stop parking

3. Leave and pay later

Stop your parking session in the app or if in a garage leave using your garage card or via license plate recognition. Pay all your parking sessions in one go at the end of each month by invoice.

Parking sticker

Parking sticker

To park in most cities, you need to have a parking sticker clearly visible attached to the inside of your windscreen. You can download the sticker for free. Find more information here.

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Garage card

Garage card

You will need the PARK NOW garage card to park in most garages and parking lots. Depending on the type of car park, you can enter by holding the card against the card reader or simply making it visible from behind your windscreen.

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License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition

In other car parks, entering is even easier. Using license plate recognition, your car will be recognised, and the barrier will open automatically. Make sure this feature is toggled on in app to use.

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Other questions?

I don’t have a smartphone

No smartphone? No problem. You can still use PARK NOW for parking. You simply start and stop your parking session by giving us a call or sending an SMS.

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I want to use in-car integration

Driving a BMW? Parking your car just got even easier! Using in-car integration, you can start your parking session directly from the dashboard of your BMW.

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I have another question

More questions? We are happy to help. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.