1. Cashless. Ticketless. Stress-free.

    With PARK NOW you can pay for parking on the street and in car parks. No more searching for change and running to the parking meter. Simply pay cashless and ticketless with the PARK NOW app.

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On street parking.

  1. Park your car and start the parking session.

    Park your car and open the PARK NOW App. Select your location and press start. Either define a parking duration in advance or start and end your parking session real-time. Make sure your vehicle and location details are correct. Verification of your parking action is then easy and parking tickets are history.

    Don’t have a smartphone?

    If you aren’t able to start and stop your on-street parking session via the PARK NOW App, it’s also possible to start
    and stop a parking action by SMS or phonecall.

  2. Have space to do more.

    Leave your car and have time to do something else. Parking enforcement will be based on your VRN. In some cities a PARK NOW Sticker is mandatory.

  3. Extend, end and pay.

    Do you want to start, end or extend your parking session? Just one click needed, when using the PARK NOW app. In your personal account you can find all previous parking sessions neatly displayed alongside your invoices. At the end of each month the total parking fees will be charged automatically to your credit card or bank account.


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Don’t forget your parking sticker.

For the most cities you need to have a parking sticker for on-street parking. In these cities it is necessary to have a parking sticker clearly visible attached to the inside of the windscreen of your car. Download your PARK NOW Sticker for free here. Alternatively, you can place a note with “PARK NOW Handyparken” behind your windscreen.

Off street parking.

1. Find your perfect space.

The PARK NOW app shows you all available parking spaces in your area. Choose your preferred space based on distance and price. It is up to you. Making a reservation or booking a specific space will be available soon as well.

2. Arrive and park.

You have chosen a car park? Simply drive into it – the barrier will open automatically for PARK NOW users or hold your car park access card against the reader at the barrier to open it.

3. Exit and pay.

Once you are ready to leave, simply drive out of the car park. No more tickets or passing by the pay machine. As soon as you leave the car park the session is terminated. At the end of each month the total parking fees will be charged automatically to your credit card or bank account. Parking can be so easy.


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Off street parking phone

How to get the barrier open?

You can easily enter the car park in three ways – depending of the exisiting car park technology.

Zugang ins Parkhaus

Short Range.

Place your Access Card on the Reader.

Zugang ins Parkhaus

Long Range.

Just hold up your PARK NOW Access Card.

Zugang ins Parkhaus

License Plate Recognition.

The barrier will open automatically.