Fill your garage with over 1 million users of PARK NOW

The parking app PARK NOW is looking for new garage partners. We have users, you have the garages. These users are currently parking in the street, struggling to find a spot. Open them the doors of your garage.

If you’re interested in how PARK NOW can be implemented for your location with minimal disruption to existing services, get in touch with us for a consultation. 

Increase your revenue with new customer segments

We have over 1 million drivers using our app every month to search places to park. Our network is extended from UK to Switzerland, allowing drivers to use one app to park in multiple countries.

Get exposure to these drivers through our website and our app.

Offer an outstanding experience to your customers

Digitalize your garage to offer a seamless and hassle-free experience to your users. Thanks to our system, you will easily become a cashless and ticketless garages.

Outperform competition – by offering the most convenient way for parking, you make sure that customers come back to your spots.

Lower your operational cost

Our technology allows you to cut cash management and maintenance costs. Our solution will help you to optimize your operational costs in the short run.

We are covering the technology maintenance, saving you time for topics that really matter.


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Independent offer

We do not promote parking over each other. We believe in free choice – our clients decide where to go without any impact from our side

Unlike other platforms, we are not pursuing a approach – we believe in a organic decision making process based on end users’ parking behavior. We are showing the ones with the most spaces available above the others.


Fully-stretched car parks

We ensure sales in your car parks outside of peak loads and offer users additional features relating to parking. Our goal: to optimally utilize your parking garage – guarantee 24/7 and users maximum comfort.

Do not miss to jump on the “digital parking train”

The demand for digital access technologies and payment solutions is rising tremendously

Give your customers what they need and build a sustainable and future-oriented business model

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

Differentiation from competitors

Differentiation from competitors

Increase your transaction volume

Increase your transaction volume

Optimization of the cost structure

Optimization of the cost structure

Sustainable and future-oriented alignment of your business model

Sustainable and future-oriented alignment of your business model

Implementing PARK NOW is simple. PARK NOW sits alongside your existing operations and is easily integrated directly in your existing systems and processes. The PARK NOW platform gives you flexibility in pricing and high quality reports and analytics that give valuable insights into parking situation.

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  1. Examination of technical requirements
  2. Creation of an implementation timetable
  3. Technical implementation with your technology provider company
  4. Testing
  5. GoLive of PARKNOW in your parking garage


Introduce PARK NOW in your garage

Many garages in western Europe offer the advantages of PARK NOW’s innovative parking service already today. Our premium parking services are available to Germany and Austria since 2015. Do you also want to offer innovative and hassle-free parking in your car parks? Please contact us and we will help you deliver an enhanced parking experience.


Award for PARK NOW – Certified Accessibility

PARK NOW has recently been awarded the DIN Certificate for Accessible Products (Register No: P1B088). Our digital parking solution has been found to be particularly easy and intuitive by the TÜV experts and offers convenient and barrier-free access for everyone with its diverse usage options via app, SMS, call or website.

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