Efficient parking cost management for your company

Increase the efficiency of your company – with our digital parking service

Companies value simplicity, speed and efficiency. In practice, however, parking fees and fines lead to stress, costs and high administrative expenses. With PARK NOW you can enter the age of digital parking and make parking easier for you and your employees.

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Advantages for your company

  • Reduced administrative effort
  • User-friendly business portal for managing employees and vehicles as well as clear cost control
  • Collected monthly, input tax-deductible invoice
  • Cost savings through minute-based billing

Advantages for your employees

  • Saving time when searching for and paying for parking
  • Stress-free journey to customer appointments
  • No outlay of parking fees
  • Simplified travel expense reporting without the need to submit paper tickets
  • All parking procedures at a glance

Overview of the standard functions

  • Cashless parking on the street via the app, via text message, web browser or call
  • Individual notification profile
  • Management of parking procedures via the Business Portal
  • Configuration of user profiles and management of your entire fleet
  • Management of parking procedures via the Business Portal separation between private and business parking
  • Find parking quick and easy using availability prediction from the Find & Park feature
  • PARK NOW fully integrated into the navigation system in selected BMW models*
iPhone X showing the PARK NOW parking process

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Choose the right tariff for your business

Business Business Premium
For occasional parking For frequent parking (more than 4 times per month)
Monthly fee €1.99 per user* €2.99 per user*
Cost per parking action €0.25* €0.00
Add registration** €0.41 per registration* €0.41 per registration*
Digital parking on the street and in car parks
Individual notification profile
Separation of business and private parking
User profile configuration
All parking actions on one monthly invoice
Invoice as PDF attachment

* Prices excluding VAT
**The first registration number you provide when registering your company is free.

* Prices excluding VAT
**The first registration number you provide when registering your company is free.

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Further options

Business Business Premium
Self-adhesive parking sticker
Car park Access Card €2.26 per card* €2.26 per card*
SMS notifications €0.13 per SMS* €0.13 per SMS*
* Prices excluding VAT

Keep control through the user-friendly ‘Business Portal’

The online management portal lets you inspect invoices at any time, create user profiles and manage your whole vehicle fleet.

Your data is safe with us ISO 27001, ISO 9001 und PCI-DSS.

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