Find & Park.
Bye, bye parking stress!

Find parking faster by no longer having to drive around in circles.
We can predict where you are more likely to find a parking space on our city streets.

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PARK NOW Find & Park

Find stress-free parking

  • We can tell you where you are more likely to find a parking space
  • Park faster. Head directly to areas where there is plenty of parking
  • No more driving around the block. Save time and money

How does it work?

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How does it work?

High parking prediction accuracy based on dynamic and static data: we collect data from cars equipped with scanners (dynamic), signs and parking regulations (static). Our algorithm calculates a prediction of parking probability in hundreds of kilometres of streets across the city of Berlin.

How do I use it?
The colours on the streets show the probability of available parking, with dark green being your highest chance of finding an available spot. Here’s how you switch on Find & Park:

1. Go to the app (make sure you have the latest version)
2. Tap the settings icon in map view
3. Select the Find & Park overlay

Where can I use it?
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Find & Park explained


Where can I use it?

Looking for a parking spot? Find & Park is now available and ready to use in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and more cities. You can see in-app the areas in the City Centre and the surrounding neighborhoods where the feature is available.

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