Personal account

Which information can I see and edit in my personal account?

You can see and edit your personal details in your personal account at any time through the PARK NOW iOs app / Android app or the website.

– Update users and vehicles
– Overview parking history
– Order car park access card or parking sticker
– Access monthly invoices
– Edit payment method
– and much more.

As a sub user of a customer account you are able to access your own customer details. All other information (e.g. payment method, monthly invoices etc.) can only be accessed by the main user of the account.

For outstanding questions our customer service team is happy to help you.

Can I use multiple customer accounts with the same IBAN number?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple accounts with the same IBAN number. If you encounter problems during registration or have further questions, please contact our customer service.

I am receiving fee-based reminders by SMS. How can I adjust or deactivate these?

You can deactivate your SMS reminders at any time in your personal account via the app or website. Choose “notifications” in your personal account to deactivate or adjust the reminders. Please do not forget to end your parking actions on time and keep an eye on the maximum allowed parking duration allowed.

How can I add more vehicles?

You can add or edit your license plates at any time in your parsonal account through the PARK NOW app or website in “Edit vehicles”.

As a private user, you can add a maximum of two vehicles in our Silver package or an unlimited amount in our Gold package.

You can find an overview of our packages here.

For business accounts only the main user can manage the vehicles all sub users. Via the personal account pages of the website the main user is able to individually assign the cars to the sub users. By clicking at the license plate one can view the related users of each vehicle.

I am registered with PARK NOW via my company. Can I park with my private PARK NOW account?

You can switch between your private and business account at any time. Before you start parking, click on the user icon at the upper right and select your alternative account.
You have to link your accounts once by logging in to the alternate account or registering an alternate account.

You can also change and manage your accounts in your user account – “swap accounts”.


How can I change my payment method?

As main user of a PARK NOW customer account can adjust your payment method at any time. Login to your account through the app or website and change your details under “payment method”.

My bank details have changed. What do I do?

Please update your bank account details in your personal account pages under “payment method” in order to be able to continue using our services. You can update your bank details at any time. Simply login to your account through the PARK NOW app or website.

My credit card has expired or been deactivated. What do I do?

Please update your payment method in your personal account under “payment method” to be able to continue using PARK NOW. This can be changed at any time. Simply login to your account through the PARK NOW app or website.

If your credit card has been blocked, please also get in contact with your credit card provider.

How can I cancel my PARK NOW account?

I don’t want to pay the monthly fee anymore. How can I switch my tariff?

You also have the possibility to choose our silver tariff and pay €0,25 transaction costs per parking session. You only pay for the time you’re parked.

Do you want to change your tariff to pay per parking session? Easily switch your membership in 3 simple steps:

  1. Open the PARK NOW app and go to ‘Account’
  2. Go to ‘My membership’ and click on ‘Switch membership’
  3. Select ‘Silver’ and click on ‘Switch membership’ to confirm the tariff change.

How do I deactivate my PARK NOW account?

We are sorry to hear that you want to deactivate your account. Deactivation can easily be done in the app.


  1. Open the tab “Account”
  2. Click on “Edit profile”
  3. Scroll down and click on “Deactivate Account”
  4. Follow the steps to deactivate your account


  1. Open the tab “Account”
  2. Click on your account name (at the top of the screen)
  3. Scroll down and click on “Deactivate Account”
  4. Follow the steps to deactivate your account

Info: Not able to see the deactivation button? We recommend updating your app in the App/Google Play Store.

How do I deactivate my PARK NOW business account?

Do you have a business account? Please contact our helpdesk. They can help you deactivate your account on the last day of the next month.

How can I reactivate my deactivated account at PARK NOW?

Please contact us. We are happy to help you.

I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

Please open the PARK NOW app or the login page of the website. Choose “forgotten password” to request a new password via email or SMS. You will need your email address or mobile phone number to do so. Shortly after, you will receive a link to reset your password.

In case you need assistance please contact our customer service team.

How can I add additional users to my account?

As a main user you can add sub users at any time. You only require the contact details and if applicable the license plate of the sub user’s vehicle. The sub user will receive an automatic invitation by e-mail and once the invitation has been accepted the user will be activated for the account.

Please note that the monthly billing for sub users is handled via the main user’s payment details. Sub user do not have access to payment details or billing information.

I accidentally parked the car in the wrong account. How can I transfer the parking process to my other account?

It is not possible to transfer the parking operations to other existing PARK NOW accounts at a later date.

How does PARK NOW work in the navigation system of my BMW vehicle?

PARK NOW is also available as an integrated application in the navigation system for all BMW vehicles with the BMW navigation system Professional and a production date from November 1st 2016.

When parking the vehicle at the roadside, PARK NOW automatically recognises chargeable parking zones and with one click the digital parking ticket can be activated directly from the vehicle.

The parking process is completed and paid for as soon as you start driving the vehicle again. In addition, the PARK NOW smartphone app provides an overview of parking time and parking costs at any time.

You can find more information on how to activate PARK NOW in your BMW here.

Also available for business customers within the business tariffs.

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