Where can I download the PARK NOW App?

The PARK NOW app is currently available for free for iOS in the Apple AppStore and Android in the Google Play Store. Here you can find instructions for the iOs app download / Android app download.

How can I login to the app?

Having completed the registration process through the website or app, you can login to your personal account with the mobile phone number or e-mail address you provided when you registered. If you have forgotten your password, please select “forgotten password” to reset.

How do I start a parking action through the app?

It is very easy to start a parking action through the PARK NOW app. You have two options:

  1. The PARK NOW app will automatically show you your current location (with your GPS services enabled) as well as the parking zones nearby. Choose your parking zone and simply press the ”start” button to begin your parking action. You can set a pre-set end time or stop the parking action at any time with just one click.

Please note: GPS locations is not always accurate, especially at borders of zones. Please always make sure to check if the zone chosen is correct and, if necessary, please adjust accordingly by moving your vehicle to another location in the app.

  1. Enter the zone number manually in the app. The app will validate the zone and, if it is correct, parking can then start.
Where can I see my previous parking actions in the app?

In your personal account in the PARK NOW app under “history”, you can see all your previous parking actions, including fees, durations and locations. Furthermore you can add notes to each parking action in order to be able to assign parking at a later stage.

Main users of an account can also see the parking actions of sub users. Each parking action is marked with the users name.

The app chose a wrong zone and I received a parking fine. Will this be refunded?

Unfortunately we cannot be held liable for inaccurate GPS localization. GPS can sometimes be inaccurate, especially at the border of two zones. Therefore, we inform our customers to check that the zone is correct and adjust manually if needed prior to parking session.

Due to a bad internet connection I was unable to end the parking action. Will additional costs be refunded?

Unfortunately we cannot refund these costs. However, to guarantee a successful termination of a parking action, you have various options:

App: with just one push in the app

Park-Hotline: Start or stop your on-street parking session conveniently via our park-hotline. Simply follow the voice computer, enter the desired zone number and start your parking action.

Park-Hotline Germany: 0800 687 87 87
Park-Hotline Austria:   0800 65 66 55

SMS: For starting or stopping an on-street parking action via SMS, please send the following SMS-code to:

0049 (0)177 178 2213 (within Germany)
0043 (0)676 800 505 467 (within Austria)

SMS-Code start parking:
start [zone] [license plate] – Example SMS text message: “start 336007 MPN3338”

SMS-Code end parking:
stop [license plate] – Example SMS text message: “stop 336007 MPN3338”

Website: In your personal account via

In the event that none of these options are available, please reach our customer service team: 0800 654 54 54 (from Germany) and 0800 65 66 88 (from Austria).


I want to begin a parking action but I get a comment telling me to contact customer service. Why?

There can be numerous reasons for this. Please contact our customer service team via the feedback function in the “info” area of your app or call us on:

0800 654 54 54 (from Germany)
0800 65 66 88 (from Austria)

I cannot register through the PARK NOW app. What can I do?

Please check that you have sufficient internet connection and that you have installed the latest version of the PARK NOW app. If problems still continue to exist, please contact our customer service team.

I cannot use the instant use feature. What can I do?

Please note that instant use is currently only available in Germany. Using instant use will charge the fees to your mobile phone bill. Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection (no wifi) as well as the contract with your network provider is eligible for mobile payment and that you have a sufficient pre-paid balance on your phone.

My App doesn’t work properly anymore. What shall I do?

Please check that you have a stable internet connection, the latest version of the app and all updates available. If you are currently using the latest version, please uninstall it and then download it again.

If the app still does not function accordingly, please get in contact with us via the feedback function in the “info” area of your app or contact our customer service team.
We will gladly assist you.

How can I check the probability of available parking spots in Berlin?


We are currently testing a brand-new feature in Berlin: on-street parking availability. This new feature (in beta) is now being tested with a small set of customers – so if you already see it you are lucky!


The feature shows the probability of available parking spots in some of the streets in Berlin where you pay for parking. When fully rolled-out later in the year the new feature will save users in Berlin a lot of time searching for parking. This means the feature has the potential to make cities more liveable because motorists will drive less in urban areas in search for a parking spot.


We indicate the probability of available parking spots with the following colours that appear on the streets when tapping the toggle on the right side of the app screen.

Parking availability


We are still testing the functionality and are constantly optimising the feature. If you want to leave feedback or in case you encounter problems with this new capability, please contact

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