Parking Sticker

In which cities do I need a parking sticker when parking on-street?

In the following cities you are required to display a parking sticker or a handwritten note mentioning “PARK NOW Handyparken” in the windshield for parking on-street:


Bad Homburg, Bad Oldesloe, Berlin, Bernkastel-Kues, Bingen, Detmold, Dortmund*, Duderstadt, Hameln, Hanau, Heidenheim, Hennigsdorf, Kiel, Köln, Lemgo, Lübeck, Mainz, Mönchengladbach, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Oberwiesenthal, Planegg, Pöhl, Potsdam, Stolberg, Tübingen as well as P+R (Park & Ride) parkings.

*Be aware that handwritten note are not allowed in these cities:



Bludenz, Graz, Salzburg, Zell am See

You can order the official PARK NOW sticker in the app or download the print version here free of charge.

Why do I need a parking sticker for on-street parking?

In some cities it is necessary to place a parking sticker or note clearly visible behind your vehicle’s windshield. In these cities only cars with a parking sticker/note will be checked for a valid parking session. Is no sticker or note placed, you may receive a parking fine despite of having an active parking session.

Therefore, please make sure your parking sticker is clearly visible. In most cities it is accepted to place a note with “PARK NOW Handyparken” visible behind your windscreen.

You can find a full overview of cities which require a parking sticker and which cities do not accept a handwritten note here.

Download your PARK NOW sticker or order a self-adhesive sticker for free in your app.

My parking sticker or car park access card has not arrived. Who do I contact?

The delivery of your parking sticker or car park access card by post may take a few days. You can, however, use PARK NOW directly after registration for on-street parking. If you have not received your sticker or access card within one week, please contact our customer service team.

May I continue using my parking sticker with the old PARK NOW logo? How can I order a parking sticker?

You can easily order your PARK NOW parking sticker using the PARK NOW app:

iOS device:

  • Open the main menu “Account”
  • Select the sub-category “Utilities”
  • Click on “Order a sticker”
  • Select the amount and order your sticker

Android device:

  • Open the main menu “Manage”
  • Select the option “Cards”
  • Click on the green plus sign (bottom right)
  • Select “Order parking sticker”

Where can I see if I have already ordered a sticker?

In the PARK NOW app under the menu item “Activitiy” you can see if and when you have ordered a badge.

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