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It is very easy to find and pay for parking with the ParkNow app. New innovative features, such as the reservations function, will be introduced continuously.

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Save time.

Reduce the time you spend searching for parking. ParkNow will help you find parking, which fulfills all your requirements. Save yourself the journey of walking to a parking meter or pay machine.


Save Money.

The times, when you needed to guess your parking duration in advance are over. With ParkNow You simply pay for the exact time you spent parking. No more unnecessary fines.

Spare Zeit und Geld mit ParkNow

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In some cities it is necessary to have a parking sticker for mobile on-street parking clearly visible from outside of the vehicle. In these cities only cars with a parking sticker will be checked for a valid parking action. If nothing is attached or visible, there is the risk of receiving a parking fine. Download the free sticker here:


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