Parking in Wiesbaden Mitte

Discover ticketless parking in Wiesbaden Mitte
In Wiesbaden Mitte you can now park completely stress-free by app. How does it work? Download the innovative PARK NOW app and register for free. Gold or Silver – choose the level that suits you best. The gold package is particularly suitable for the frequent parker, because all transactions are covered by a monthly fee while the silver package offers the option to pay for each time you park. On our practical overview map you can see where you can find parking roadside in Wiesbaden Mitte. If you have found a parking space, press “Start” in the app to start parking and simply press “Stop” when you leave. Parking with PARK NOW in Wiesbaden Mitte is so easy! You save yourself the struggle with the ticket machine and the search for spare change. Please do not forget that for digital parking in Wiesbaden Mitte, a parking sticker must be placed clearly visible behind the windscreen of the vehicle. You can download the parking sticker here for free.


Parking Wiesbaden: Park your car at the roadside and explore the city

So you drove the car from the hotel to the city center, found a parking spot in Wiesbaden and started the PARK NOW app. Then nothing stands in the way of your sightseeing adventure! The Hessian capital is rich in architectural beauties and extensive parks. The former town hall, which is now used as a registry office, is the oldest building in the city. The classicist city palace is a true visitor magnet. Once the home of the Dukes of Nassau, since 1946 it has served as the headquarters of the Hessian state parliament. Make sure to make time to pay a visit to the sumptuous Kurhaus which Kaiser Wilhelm II described as the most beautiful spa hotel in the world at its opening. Here many concerts, balls, congresses and other events take place. In front of the building, on the “Bowling Green” each year Wine Ball and the New Year’s Eve celebration are held with musical fireworks. If you need a little break after so much sightseeing, you can stroll through the adjacent spa park, a beautiful green haven. Be sure to bring your camera with you when you travel to Wiesbaden, because there will be too many postcard moments to share!

The new 'touch-free' society

2 June 2020
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PARK NOW joins NOW brand family of BMW Group and Daimler AG

22 February 2019
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12 October 2018
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