How it works?

  1. Find a parking space.

    Search for the perfect parking space on- or off-street using our real-time ParkNow app.

  2. Park your car.

    Start parking on-street with just one click. Or simply drive into your preferred car park for off-street parking. No ticket needed.

  3. And pay.

    Stop your parking session with one click in the app, or by driving out of the carpark. At the end of each month the total parking fees will be charged automatically to your credit card or bank account.

Find. Park. Pay

It is very easy to find and pay for parking with the ParkNow app. New innovative features, such as the reservations function, will be introduced continuously.

  • Real-time.
  • 100% secure, dependable and proven.
  • Saves time and money.
Find, park and pay your parking space with ParkNow



10 October 2017

No parking actions possible

We apologize if you currently experience problems starting and/or stopping your parking action. Use the parking meter to start parking or e-mail your end time to our helpdesk:   Read more...

1 September 2017

Help! How do I survive rush hour and parking stress? Here are 6 tips.

German people are returning from their holidays and the roads are becoming busier and busier. During the summer holidays, rush hour news is often forgotten. Now you’re back to your alarm going off at 6 am and you need to keep track of the traffic news again. And if you work in the city, you’re… Read more...

26 July 2017

Scheduled maintenance

PLEASE NOTE: This Sunday morning our service is temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance. This will not affect running parking actions. Please contact our helpdesk if you would like to end your parking during this time: Read more...

Coming to you

Many cities around the world offer the advantages of ParkNow’s innovative parking service already today.

All available and planned locations are waiting for you here.